The Mojo Hobo Agency was born in 2012. It was created by Richard Potter who began his music career during the late 90's working in PR at Ian Cheek Press whose company's client list included notable names such as; Muse, Bjork, Garbage, Ash Kylie Minogue and Paul Oakenfold.  Rich, then diversified into event organisation and stage managing, including music booker at Devon's LLama Festival and the Dandy Lion stage manager at Green Gathering FestivalThe Mojo Hobo Agency was started by accident when a performer asked Rich to assist him with his tour, the success was instant and Rich found the experience very enjoyable and thus the roster grew rapidly.

In 2017 Paul Twynham, ex manager of Newcastle's O2 venue joined the fold, his years of experience dealing with bands from new starter to those of the highest calibre has proved invaluable to The Mojo Hobo Agency.

Our third employee is Anna Banana Rutter-Jerome (fact), she handles much of the logistics so you'll probably be hearing from her at some point regarding advancing or perhaps run into her peddling merch for bands in front of a venue or festival stage with a massive grin. 

Our goal is to advance the careers of our clients and deliver high quality live music to venues. We liaise between both parties to ensure that events achieve maximum success with the ambition for growing fanbase and maximising sales. As agents we book shows in the UK and mainland Europe or liaise with agents in other territories.  We can help advise on many aspects of the industry as we work closely with various people from publishers to public relations.

OTHER SERVICES - we're not just agents, we've got a few other tricks up our sleeves

- stage managing

- line up programming

- tour managing

- performer management