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WE-ARE-Z are an off the wall, half UK / half French, indie-rock, disco-punk band comprising of English producer Marc Arciero, guitarist Thomas Hill Ross drummer Guillaume Charreau, and French multi instrumentalists Gabriel Cazes and Clement Leguidcoq.

After releasing a controversial video with the single 'Goldigaz' and their debut album 'ANIMAL' in late 2016 they toured Europe with Electric 6 across 25 venues they set a new standard in just how good a support band could be, audiences went wild and lapped up the Zenergy!

The perfect post Brexit mashup with a potent combination of eclectic personalities, cultural signposts and musical tastes. Throw The Flaming Lips, The Killers, Talking Heads, Franz Ferdinand, Gogol Bordello and The Mighty Boosh into a skanky sack and shake hard.