The Peoples String Foundation

"beautifully evocative" - Chai Wallahs

The People's String Foundation fuse passionate theatrics with an urban gypsy sound and spellbinding performances. Led by Ben Sutcliffe (musical director for Rogue, Kneehigh and Bish Bash Bosh theatre companies) who's virtuoso violin styles have resulted in him to playing with the likes of The Levellers, The Stranglers, The Yardbirds and Gary Stringer from Reef, the collective use the drive of urban/world beats with a distinctive artisan twist. As a band they generally play from the core 3 member up to a 7 piece ensemble but that to expands into a 24 piece orchestra in certain situations such as their infamous concert on the cliffs of Cornwall at the dramatic Minack Theatre

The People's String Foundation are fast being recognised as intense musical heavyweights in folk circles and on the festival scene, having featured at on renown stages like Chai Wallahs in front of large numbers people. Live veterans across the UK and mainland Europe they are guaranteed to inspire the audience to be moved emotionally or get up to dance with excitement. After 2 album releases, Making Waves and The Lost Dreams of Gilgamesh they have a large repertoire of originals, whilst both release were acclaimed the second was only promoted within the southwest due to theatre commitments so in 2016 the album is re-issued and promoted across the UK with festival and venue dates planned throughout the year. The People's String Foundation are on a mission - to make something big and beautiful with nothing but heart and a grass roots spirit brought live and direct to your venue.